This Poet’s Life

This Poet’s Life

July 18, 2015

crazy day – i wasn’t going to even go to the harlem book fair today cause it was pouring when i woke up. then i decided to get up and go. i was not planning on entering anything because i’ve never competed before. but someone came and got me and told me to go onstage/ i tried to hide from her when i saw her coming to get me…. in fact , the contest was supposed to be over…but then my friend said we have one more poet…so i got up and read….never know what the universe has in store…now I’m part of the nyc team and we’re heading to Kansas for the National Open Mouth Poetry Bout!!!11748593_10207632659317524_854966310_n

July 2, 2015

Sex, War & The Girl

This week I got together with my uber talented friends to shoot some pics for my upcoming poetry and picture book. Sex, War & The Girl I’m venturing into the world of adding images to my words……and everyone stepped in to help bring my vision to life!! Here’s a few moments and some behind the scenes footage from our time together!!! If it looks like I had fun…..It was


May 02, 2015