Zoë Flowers is healing with her hands and words.

With more than 20 years in the gender-based violence movement, Zoë works nationally and internationally on the issues of domestic and sexual violence. Zoë has appeared on National Public Radio, WOVN Chicago, spoken at Yale University, Springfield College, Smith College, and Bowie State University.

In 2012, she founded Soul Requirements Inc. a consulting business that merges social justice and holistic healing. She currently facilitates individual and group   healing sessions, retreats, workshops, and online courses for clients and students from New York to Ecuador. Her healing contributions were evaluated by Georgetown University and can be found in Traumatology, 23(2), 143–152.

As the founder of Tit2ba Productions, she co-created ASHES – a play that breathes life into the original stories from her book, From Ashes To Angel ‘s Dust: A Journey Through Womanhood (FA2AD). FA2AD chronicles the experiences of abuse survivors and ASHES includes new stories about the media, campus sexual assault, body image, and the journey to self-love.

In 2017, Zoë added filmaker turned television writer to her resume.  She wrote, produced, and indepently shot a short film. The film was recently turned into an episodic series called Rode and is represented by BYSB Talent Agency.



Soul Requirements Trainings will help your organization address racial equity, vicarious trauma, and trauma-informed service delivery effectively.


Soul Requirements Healing Services utilize meditation, visualization, Reiki, and intuitive coaching to increase awareness, reduce stress, promote relaxation, and creativity.


Tit2ba Productions creates art that invites people of all ages and diverse backgrounds to explore social issues in non-confrontational spaces.

Zoë Flowers


Zoë Flowers

My name is Zoe Flowers. I am a social justice advocate, content creator, and healer. My poetry and essays can be found in Stand Our Ground; Poems for Trayvon Martin and Marissa AlexanderDear Sister: Letters from Survivors of Sexual Assault. and the new anthology, Love WITH Accountability: Digging Up the Roots of Child Sexual Abuse. Additional articles and interviews can be found on The GrioBloom Magazine, and several online journals.

I am on a mission to make art that heals and to help advocates, activists, and healing practitioners transform their work and lives!

I am looking for co-conspirators in my work! Join Me!!

Tit2ba Productions


Tit2ba Productions

We develop and produce content that invites the public to explore social issues, healing, and spirituality. Check out our offerings!

From Ashes to Angel’s Dust: A Journey Through Womanhood


From Ashes to Angel’s Dust: A Journey Through Womanhood

Like many young women, Zoë Flowers found herself in a dangerous relationship. She ended the relationship but the experience motivated her to challenge rape culture and become a catalyst for change. And she discovered that magic happened when she started sharing her struggles and the journey to self-love. 
 From Ashes to Angel’s Dust: A Journey Through Womanhood is an intensely personal look at intimate partner violence and the road to healing.

Get your copy & spread the word!!!

You can find From Ashes to Angel’s Dust: A Journey Through Womanhood at Balboa Press Books or Amazon.com 

I love video testimonials!!!!
Please send them and inquiries about book signings to info@iamzoeflowers.com



ASHES-is a play that uses monologues, poems, and vignettes to breathe life into the original stories chronicled in Zoe’s From Ashes To Angel’s Dust: A Journey Through Womanhood and includes new stories about the media, campus sexual assault, body image, and the journey to self-love. Ashes is the story of our mothers, grandmothers, daughters, and sisters!





RODE- This witchy episodic series is coming to a streaming service near you!






As someone who has had readings before from numerous proclaimed mediums and pyshics all of whom have had a success rate of 50% at most I can say that Zoe is the real deal. Zoe must dine with the Divine Beings for breakfast, lunch and dinner because her accuracy is sickening!

Since our gathering, I've been very observant of those around me and without judgement or critique,

Since I left your place I stopped speaking to two of my men friends, started speaking to a relative who I was upset with, started an application for grad school after being indecisive for 6 months, and shaved my head…so…um just sayin!

I was surprised because as she told me what she did I could relate it back to things that were going on.

Zoe is New York's Best Kept Secret!Kadeem


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